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Each of our 17,500 products is specially selected for its added value and the quality of its materials. Our experience combined with that of our world-renowned partners, ensures you choice, innovation and longevity.
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Our product lines:
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    Fixing elements Complete range of fasteners, supports, accessories for electrical installations, including cable trays.
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    Grounding and equipotentiality
    Amperio is a key player in grounding and equipotential bonding solutions throughout Switzerland. In the railway, commercial, telecommunications, energy and industrial sectors.
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    Lightning protection
    From the "classic" lightning conductor systems to the active system, you will find the solution that meets your needs.
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    Low Voltage Components
    For all your projects: optimize your electrical connections withAmperio's flexible conductors, grounding Braid, earth bars, insulators and Power Braid.
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    Electrical charging stations
    Thanks to our partner Madic, Amperio offers you a complete range of charging stations. From the wallbox to the DC fast charging.
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    For power distribution, we provide all applications from 63 to over 6300A. This includes the estimation of the required material and installation. In addition, we offer our customers all our expertise in project management.
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    Clamps and accessories
    Whether stainless steel, plastic or cable clamps, Amperio offers a complete range of accessories.
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    Pre-insulated lugs and Terminals
    In this range, you will find all the industrial connectors you need.
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    Copper/Alu lugs and sleeves
    In this range, you will find all the industrial connectors you need.
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    Railway Industry
    In the railway field, find the protection of people against overvoltages as well as all the specific connectors you may need.
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    In terms of tooling, we offer a complete range of crimping, punching and stripped tools.
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    Insulation products
    Discover here: our heat shrinkable tubing, our waterproof connection boxes and our electrical adhesive tapes.